Is Process a Predictor of Success?


Client: Lori Ramas

Her business:  

Relezant is a marketing agency in Montclair, New Jersey that specializes in digital business efficiency and automating client management workflows.

Founded in 2012, Owner and Chief Communications Officer, Lori Ramas knew she needed to find a better way to provide social media management to her clients. Lori was currently offering this to her clients but was doing everything herself, manually, even for her own brand. Everything from research to curation, brainstorming, sourcing; all the way up the editorial phases and scheduling; you name it, she was doing it.

Emphatic was able to provide Lori the comfort and reassurance of having a team of reliable writers and editors in the U.S. that could write compelling content (quickly) that would match the voice of Lori and her customers.


With Emphatic taking care of Lori’s social media management for both her clients and her agency, she was able to shift more time, focus, and energy back into her business, and most importantly, her clients. Lori was now only spending a short amount of time on her editing and was able to finally remove her clients from the middle of the process entirely.

Because Lori put this system in place, she was able to build her business to the point she had always dreamed of (and then some). Lori can proudly say she’s a Business Efficiency Expert. She’s built an incredible software for small business owners that she otherwise wouldn’t have been able to without Emphatic and our technology behind her the entire time.


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