3 Common Mistakes Made By Business Pages on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social media platform unlike anything else out there, used solely for the purpose of networking and making new connections in the business world. It isn’t like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, that can be run in more of a social way to connect with friends. With that being said, how should you run a LinkedIn business page to get the best results? Think of it more as a thought and conversation engaging platform, to not only appeal to your consumers, but other executives and professionals like yourself. At Emphatic, we often see some businesses getting caught up in a social media struggle, and not using LinkedIn to its full potential. Here are some common mistakes to look out for while running your business page on LinkedIn.  

Are You Posting Enough?

When first starting out, many organizations post a few times, try to stay on top of their social media presence, and then quit posting on a regular basis once they realize it takes more time than they expected or don’t have a clear direction as to what they should be posting. As a company, being active on LinkedIn is more effective than it may seem. Finding the time to curate posts, content strategy, and keeping a consistent posting schedule is the key to a successful LinkedIn company page. Some companies just simply do not have the manpower to stay on top of this. A good solution to this would be a company like us, Emphatic,  a social media tool that curates social media posts for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and then autoposts them for you. Whether you outsource or not, staying relevant and top of mind in your content strategy is key.

Posting Just to Post

Sometimes, we see posts on LinkedIn business pages (and even personal pages) that are meaningless and lack any substance, thought, or reason. Not only do these posts fail to generate any engagement, but it also makes your future posts less interesting. Posts with content such as videos, articles, and pictures generate more attraction and grab the attention of consumers. Next time you post, think of how you can spice it up in a way that your connections and followers will want to make sure they don’t miss your next post.

Buttoning Up Your Page

How often do see a company page on LinkedIn, but when you click on it, the page is empty with hardly any information or visuals? When your page is visited, users should be welcomed with a profile image, banner image, as well as information including the services they provide. It’s pointless to be generating attraction with your posts if they click on the page and it doesn’t give a clear description of the company. Utilizing all of the features possible is only beneficial and will strengthen your company page. Linking employees, website, location, etc. are all things that should be done to give users the most insight on the company.

Where to Start…and Finish!

Social media is definitely not at the top of every company to-do list. However, it should be getting more attention in your organization if it isn’t already a priority, especially with the increasing use of social media. From small startups, to growing businesses, it’s essential to carve some time out of every week to dedicate to your social media strategy. If you struggle with manpower, or time itself, there are tools for this. Our company Emphatic, will enhance your social media profiles and pages for a very affordable cost. If you don’t know where to start, look no further, because the finish line is with Emphatic.