Boosting Your Social Media Presence In 2022

Social media is a cost-efficient and highly effective tool for marketing, but it can be very easy for your customers to get lost in the black hole that is the Internet. With all of the content floating around out there, your social media marketing presence needs to cut through the noise and create a buzz.

The key is to find the right formula that helps social media platforms prioritize your content above all others, and there are a few ways to do that and amplify your presence.

Ask ‘Em Questions

Use social media posts to ask your followers questions, even if they’re general or vague. It’s a fun and subtle way to get a better idea of what kind of content you’re posting to connect with your audience. It’s also a conversation starter that opens the door to engagement – something that social media platforms tend to favor, pushing your content higher up for searchers to see.

Don’t Forget A Call To Action

Calls to action (CTA) are phrases that let your social media followers know exactly what to do next, like “click here!” or “share with your friends”. This motivates anyone reading or looking at your content to move over to your website, increasing your conversion rates. Just make sure to strike a delicate balance as some overused phrases can deter social media followers.

Hash It Out

Hashtags are a simple and powerful way to boost searchability on social media platforms, but it’s crucial to use the RIGHT hashtags. Use keywords and search terms that customers would generally use during Google searches. Many platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter among them) offer user-friendly tools that allow you to find popular, relevant, and high-performing hashtags so definitely take advantage of those features.

Make A Schedule – And Keep It

Social media algorithms have become sophisticated enough to know when your audience wants to see your content, and your posting schedule should revolve around that. Not everyone scrolls social media all day, every day, so getting ROI from your content marketing efforts means posting when your customers are most likely to see it.

Strike A Balance

Nobody loves that one person at the party who just can’t stop talking about themselves, and that’s true for overly promotional social media content. Sure, you want the world to know about your products and services, but you can’t run them off with the “me, me me” talk. A good mix of 80% third-party content and 20% promotional content has been proven time and again to be highly effective at boosting social media presence and even building expertise within industries.

Play A Game Of Tag

On that note, take your third-party content a step further and share other people’s content along with a tag of their social media username or handle. This catches the attention of relevant industry peers and widens the exposure for your own brand or business. This reciprocity goes a long way towards amplifying social media presence and helps strengthen professional networks, especially on LinkedIn.

Work With The Pros

We get it – you have enough on your plate without having the added task of growing your social media presence, and it’s no secret that it takes time to create a successful content marketing strategy. Defining goals, audience, the type of content you want to find and create, and keeping consistency, can be a lot to manage. Reach out to our team for a better understanding of where to start with a quick email to