Understanding Your Audience: Quick Tip Guide for Developing Your Content Strategy

It’s no secret how important posting content on social media is to stay relevant and in front of your audience. One thing that we should all be asking ourselves is, “Is the content I am posting effective?” How do we know what our audience wants or is interested in viewing?

1. Goals or audience? Which comes first?

Most businesses try and establish their audience before anything else, but your first step should be to establish the goal of your campaign. What are you wanting to do? What do you want to promote? For Emphatic, we have several goals of our campaigns. The audience that we are going after depends on our goal.


Example #1:

We want to have more business owners and marketing professionals to use our service for their business to start curating and posting content for their social media pages.

Goal: Have more direct subscriptions through our website

Audience: Business owners/marketing directors


Example #2:

We want to build relationships with agency-style businesses to create a referral program to drive more business.

Goal: Build a referral program with agencies to use our service for their clients

Audience: Agency directors


Both goals are geared to drive business, but they focus on different types of businesses. Each audience is focused on and interested in different things, so one piece of content will not be able to incorporate both parties.

2. Content Management

You have decided the goal of your campaign and the audience to go with it. Now it’s time to start thinking about the content that you want to promote.

IMPORTANT: Just because you are trying to reach a certain audience does not mean that you stop posting content for your other audiences as well. Don’t alienate your other followers.


The goal of your content is to educate and entertain, so remember, it’s not about you. When collecting or creating content, think about what your audience is interested in, and gear your posts to them. For instance, if you are going after business owners, think about what they would find benefit from reading.


Here are some examples of content Emphatic targets to different audiences:


Business owners: Saving time, saving money, optimizing current processes, customer service


Marketing Directors: Smoother workflow, new technology, time management, team management


Now, our job is to find content that focus on these subjects, both directly and indirectly.


Article ideas:

10 Reasons to Use a Social Media Management Tool

Why the article is good:

It hits on various topics such as time management, customer service, team collaboration. It shows business owners how to manage social media and save time and money.

The goal of the message:

You have 3 options: Pay someone 40,000+ a year, spend 15+ hours each week managing social media, or pay Emphatic $99 to do it all for you.


Six Key Takeaways on How To Successfully Implement Automation and AI in Your Organization

Why the article is good:

For most professionals, especially in the marketing field, automation and time management is huge. This article hits on the topics of automation, team management, and time management. It doesn’t directly focus on social media, but that is okay. The goal is to get them thinking about automation because Emphatic’s service IS social media automation.

3. Content creation

Do you like to create your own content? Do you want to create your own content? The creation of your own branded content is a great way to engage your audience. The main difference between collecting and creating content is that instead of presenting other people’s ideas to reach your audience, you are now presenting your own ideas and thoughts that further establish you as a “thought leader.” Establishing your leadership in a space is crucial to adding rapport and trust among your current followers and soon-to-be followers.



4. Keeping Consistency

Out of all the information shared, THIS is the most important. Consistency is everything. You can have a few good posts every once in a while, but if you don’t keep it up, you will quickly lose relevance.

Your social media marketing plan should go beyond just creating or finding the content, but how you manage it. A social media content calendar is a good start. With Emphatic, the content is curated, scheduled, then posted for our clients, but we still preach and recommend that you have some sort of editorial calendar in place to track what is going out and when. The last thing you want to do is forget something was posted that you were planning on promoting further.

It takes time to create a successful content marketing strategy. From defining goals, audience, the type of content you want to find and create, and keeping consistency, it can be a lot to manage. If you follow these steps, this year’s content strategy can be a smooth running, well-oiled machine. For more tips and tricks on how to better develop your content strategy, check out some of Emphatic’s other blogs, or hit us up at admin@emphatic.co.