Looking for your target audience on social media?

How to find your target audience on social media

If you’re using social media for business then you probably keep close tabs on the number of Twitter followers, Facebook likes and LinkedIn company page followers you have. But more is not always better. If you’re Coca-Cola it makes sense to go after literally billions of followers, you’re selling something that’s available to almost everybody. If you’re an optometrist in Washington D.C….not so much. So how do you find the target audience for your business on social media? And how do you convince them to follow you? Here are a few tips. How to determine your target audience on social media Know thyself. What’s unique about your business? Is there a specialty you
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Real quick: a round-up of social media news for 5/21

Here’s a brief summary of the most notable developments at the intersection of social media and business. Whose social media account is it, anyway? Law firm Littler Mendelson discusses the gray area that arises when employees represent their company on social media — and then want to take the accounts with them when they leave. They argue that a trade secret framework is the right approach: “The secret of access to the social network account –the password– should be protectable as a trade secret.” When it comes to global brands the Financial Times reports that social media networks are not just kingmakers but are also kings, themselves: Almost a fifth of this year’s top 100
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A nice place to vacation if you only had Emphatic to do your social media for you

Yes Virginia, B2B social media is a thing

If you’re questioning whether social media is a) necessary and b) feasible for B2B businesses, read this. B2B social media: the why When we think of commodity products we normally think of raw materials like lumber, oil, and — my favorite — coffee beans. It really doesn’t matter whose tree your coffee bean came from, commodities are products that may be from different producers but are seen as identical. Commodities lack differentiation — in the buyer’s eyes they’re all the same. If you’re not an oil miner or a lumber company, and if you’re selling a product / service whose finished state is only a result of your significant input, then you want to be
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A snapshot of beautiful mountains you could visit if you left social media to Emphatic.co

Introducing another way to save you time on social media

At Emphatic we want to save you time and get you better results on social media. And we think the best way to do that is to actually let us do it for you. With this philosophy of letting you focus on the other important things going on in your business, we’re going to try experimenting with a daily round-up that includes just a few of the best recent pieces we’ve found about social media from others, with a brief explanation of why we think it’s worth your precious time. These could be instructive, entertaining or just plain weird, but they’ll all be chosen for their success in sparking new thoughts about the
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