7 Clever Ways to Repurpose Your Social Media Content

7 Clever Ways to Repurpose Your Social Media Content

Active social media profiles are so important to businesses in this digital age. The key word there being “active”. Posting regular social media content provides you credibility by showing off your expertise. It is an essential addition to your other marketing efforts.

However, keeping consistent social media content going on your feeds can be time-consuming. Outsourcing your social media content to an expert team is a huge start to in getting time back to actually run your business. We can help with that.

Once you have your social media content outsourced, you can take that work that is being completed on your behalf and stretch the benefits even further with these 7 repurposing hacks.

1. Facebook Live Videos
79% of all Internet users use Facebook. That is a huge opportunity and audience. As video also becomes more popular, how can you take advantage without having to create completely new content? With a quick review of your analytics, you can see which Facebook posts, shared from your account, have received the most engagement with your audience.

Choose a couple of those posts and “go live” to discuss them. You already have the content you need ready. By just putting it into a different format, video, it only takes a few minutes to engage your audience even more.

2. SlideShare PDFs
Gather some of your best posts, tips, and statistics from Facebook, Twitter, and Linked on a popular topic. Use a simple program like PowerPoint or Keynote to create a slideshow of those related posts.

Upload that presentation to SlideShare and reach a whole new audience with data you already have. Your audience will be thrilled to have all this great information gathered together in one PDF and you can get even more mileage out of the content by sharing the SlideShare PDF across your other social media platforms.

This gives more people a chance to engage with the information that may have missed it the first time around.

3. Tweet-To-Text Quote
Quotes are hugely popular as social media content across all platforms. People love being inspired in small, digestible formats. Turn a popular tweet into a quote graphic by using a simple platform like Canva. Choose the Social Media Graphic template, add your background photo and your quote.

For more engagement, add a re-sharing hashtag directly on the graphic. Then spread across social media land. Viewers will share using the hashtag, which will bring even more shares and traffic to your profiles. This is a wonderful way to reuse your Twitter content in a way that will capture new attention.

4. Facebook To Infographic
Compile a few of your best tips from your Facebook posts into an infographic. Infographics, like quotes, are another form of easily digested information that brings a lot of shares. They make more complicated facts and statistics fun and engaging.

“Infographics make complex information eye catching, shareable and easily digestible. They can help boost engagement on your social media profiles, make your presentations more interesting and transform your marketing materials to have greater impact.” –Canva

Canva has an Infographic Maker with a lot of free graphics for you to use. Once you create an infographic format that you love, simply update the information whenever needed to create a whole new graphic.

5. Combine Tweets Into Moments
Twitter Moments are a way to curate various related tweets into a collection. Use it to gather a few of your tweets in one place to showcase them together and tell a cohesive story.

Click on your profile settings and choose “moments.” You will have an option in your right Twitter sidebar to “Create new moment.” Then give your moment a title and description. If you would like, you can add a cover photo, but this is optional.

Now it is time to add Tweets to your moment. To use Tweets already available on your account, select “Tweets by account.” Your feed will come up and you may select all the tweets that you want to include in the moment. When ready simply hit “publish.” Watch as more people see and share your previously tweeted content.

6. From LinkedIn Post to LinkedIn Pulse
A great way to repurpose tips shared in individual posts on LinkedIn is to combine those posts into a LinkedIn Pulse article. LinkedIn Pulse is a way to brand yourself and your company as an authority in your field. It has a lot of weight in the business world with LinkedIn being the social media platform of choice among professionals.

But, you do not need to take up more time writing articles from scratch. From your dashboard, click “create an article.” Add your headline and copy and paste the best information from your LinkedIn posts into the body. Add any needed subheadings and publish. You have a whole new piece of valuable social media content with a small amount of effort. Don’t forget to share it to Twitter and Facebook.

7. Turn Social Media Posts Into A Newsletter
You want to give your email subscribers great content, but who has the time? Make your email newsletter much easier and time efficient by using it to reshare your most popular posts. It is likely that your followers prefer one social media platform over another.
So, if you combine your most popular posts, from a certain week or month, from your different networks, readers will be receiving content from you that they likely have not seen.

You can say, “Here are our most popular posts from Twitter, Facebook, and Linked this week…” Embed the posts into the newsletter. This makes it easier for you and easy for readers to like, tweet, and share their favorites.

These 7 social media hacks are huge time savers, especially when you are using Emphatic to create and schedule the original social media content for you. Use these repurposing ideas on a weekly basis to get extra mileage and ROI from your social media efforts.

With some help, strategy, and clever repurposing methods, you can add immense value to your audience and your business while keeping your time investment to a minimum.

Have a clever social media repurposing hack? Share it in the comments.