Social Media Marketing Trends For 2022

We hate to remind you, but we’re almost halfway through 2022 – and already, social media marketing has changed in just a few short months. There are still plenty of opportunities to take advantage of to help expand your target audience and grow your business. 

Take a look at some of the biggest trends to emerge recently and find out how you can ride the wave throughout the rest of the year.

 Stay Flexible

If the thought of planning out a long-term content calendar makes you sweat, here’s some good news: It’s becoming more apparent that marketing plans need to be fluid and flexible. Don’t invest valuable time or money into creating plans that stretch out for months and weeks; news cycles can change on a dime and you need to update your social media strategy in real-time. It’s wise to take a weekly look at the topics of content you share and the sources you use to research it.

Give Customers The Spotlight

Word of mouth is a powerful thing, and it’s the fuel that powers the engine that is social media. One of the best ways to form trust with potential customers is to display what current customers are already saying about you. This is user-generated content and it’s proof that your business offers solutions. It can also reduce the time and cost of content creation, leaving these resources open for other growth-oriented processes.

Authenticity Is Awesome

If your social media messaging is repetitive or tone-deaf, you can almost bet that people will quickly hit the “unfollow” button. Now’s the time to drive engagement by being real with your content and offering a behind-the-scenes look at how your business runs. When you reply to comments (which you absolutely should) do it in a forthright and genuine way, and show your gratitude for the continued support of your customers.

Go Omnichannel

Different social media platforms have core audiences that help shape the content being shared. This omnichannel approach means that you’re crafting personalized social media marketing content designed for each platform’s audience. The sources and copy you use on LinkedIn, for example, may not resonate with your Twitter audience – it’s important to put effort into speaking directly to your target audience, wherever they may be.

Boost B2B Efforts

It’s a mistake to think that B2B brands and organizations don’t need social media marketing. Customers are connected, with the internet in their hands at all times, visiting social media platforms several times a day. B2B social media marketing looks very much like what you see B2C brands doing: Build trust, engage and educate customers, and spread brand awareness. If it works for them it will likely work for you too.

Create Social-Friendly Content

As you create non-social content to support your overall marketing strategy, keep social sharing in mind. Social media platforms serve as an echo chamber for the other content you spend time and money creating. For example, videos on YouTube or your website can be quickly repurposed for a condensed Instagram how-to clip. In fact, video is quickly becoming the favorite content form on social media, and resharing it can give you serious ROI.

Bring In Support

Now more than ever, business owners and entrepreneurs have so much on their to-do lists but staying ahead of social media trends doesn’t have to be one of them. Working with a team of US-based writers that write for brands like yours every day streamlines this task while giving your marketing an edge. 
We offer custom social media updates for LinkedIn, Facebook, & Twitter written and posted FOR you – and you can try us out for FREE. Ready to get started taking advantage of the hottest social media marketing trends in 2022? Click here or email our team at