Emphatic Welcome Tutorial & Video

Thanks for choosing Emphatic! One of the best things about working with our tools is that they’re user-friendly and intuitive, which makes navigating the dashboard easy. We’ve put together a great quick-start guide to cover some of the most commonly used areas of your dashboard — make sure to bookmark this page as a resource. Here’s a link to the video if you would like to watch it! Logging in is simple: Visit Emphatic.co (no “m”) and hit the blue Log In button in the upper right corner. This will bring you to your dashboard, where you’ll see the account(s) you manage. You’ll see the name of the account as
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How to find and evaluate engagement metrics for Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

Simply put, engagement matters. It’s the definitive measure of how well your social media marketing efforts are working, and insight you draw from engagement metrics can go a long way towards tweaking your strategy and the types of content you post to help reach your target audience. Because each platform has a different method for tracking and analyzing engagement metrics, it’s important to understand how to find that data and interpret it. Below you’ll find some great info from our social media pros on how you can find and evaluate engagement metrics on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Make sure you bookmark this guide — you’ll want to check these metrics
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social media shortcuts

B2B Social Media Shortcuts for Success

Congratulations! You’ve vowed to make this year the year that social media makes an impact on your inbound marketing efforts. With a solid, proven strategy, and the right data, you can reach your goal. Follow our simple shortcut roadmap to B2B social media success. Most of these shortcuts are free and time-tested, yet they remain underutilized by social media marketers. Whether you have a social media manager in place or you’re considering a service like Emphatic, these strategy shortcuts are sure to deliver improved ROI backed by data. Shortcut #1 Track Social Media Referral Data What if you’re spending the most time, effort, and resources on the wrong B2B social media
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Using Social Media for Sales

As a business owner, you may already know the marketing benefits of having a strong social media presence: it boosts brand visibility, helps with SEO efforts, and offers a multi-channel approach to creating an online presence. What you may not know, is that you can effectively use social media to find and convert leads and grow your sales revenue. Using social media for sales isn’t as complicated as it sounds, and it can easily be done – especially if you already have a social media system (like Emphatic) in place. In fact, outsourcing your social media management is a great first step to take as it consistently puts you right
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switching costs Emphatic

Switching costs: friend or foe in your marketing plan?

“We’ll buy out your contract,” declares the voice over the techno-music playing, Millennial-happy TV ad that’s making me regret not using my DVR. The small print at the bottom of the screen shows the dollar figure the company’s willing to pony up to your current cell network so you can escape your contract: $350, paid directly to your old carrier. No cheap goodbyes in voice-and-data land, apparently. That a departing customer must pay such a hefty fee in the first place might be one of the reasons why telecoms companies seem so unloved today. Consumers are more accustomed to being able to come and go as they please, picking up
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Wheat Field, to illustrate LinkedIn social media tip

Here’s how to get your LinkedIn updates noticed

If the social media strategy for your business involves LinkedIn, you might want to know about this easy way to get more visibility. Let’s say your company has a company page on LinkedIn, the most professional social media network. And you’re pretty diligent about sharing new updates about what’s going on in the business, with your customers and in your industry. How many people will actually see that update? Answer: only the LinkedIn members who have chosen to follow your company will see its status updates. Including employees, customers and partners, how many eyeballs does that amount to in your case? Tens? Hundreds? A sobering fact about LinkedIn is that many users don’t
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A nice place to vacation if you only had Emphatic to do your social media for you

Yes Virginia, B2B social media is a thing

If you’re questioning whether social media is a) necessary and b) feasible for B2B businesses, read this. B2B social media: the why When we think of commodity products we normally think of raw materials like lumber, oil, and — my favorite — coffee beans. It really doesn’t matter whose tree your coffee bean came from, commodities are products that may be from different producers but are seen as identical. Commodities lack differentiation — in the buyer’s eyes they’re all the same. If you’re not an oil miner or a lumber company, and if you’re selling a product / service whose finished state is only a result of your significant input, then you want to be
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