Wheat Field, to illustrate LinkedIn social media tip

Here’s how to get your LinkedIn updates noticed

If the social media strategy for your business involves LinkedIn, you might want to know about this easy way to get more visibility. Let’s say your company has a company page on LinkedIn, the most professional social media network. And you’re pretty diligent about sharing new updates about what’s going on in the business, with your customers and in your industry. How many people will actually see that update? Answer: only the LinkedIn members who have chosen to follow your company will see its status updates. Including employees, customers and partners, how many eyeballs does that amount to in your case? Tens? Hundreds? A sobering fact about LinkedIn is that many users don’t take the time to click the little blue button that would expand your company’s audience: LinkedIn social media tip illustration Instead, LinkedIn users are more likely to click on this one: LinkedIn social media tip illustration Why? Because it enables their relationship with real people, not companies. A lot has changed in our increasingly digital world, but at the end of the day it seems we still prefer associating with people over associating with impersonal legal entities. Go figure. What this means is: the size of your personal LinkedIn network (as judged by the number of your connections) could be much larger than the size of your company’s LinkedIn network (judged by the number of its followers). Here’s a crazy example. Alibaba is the largest e-commerce company in China. It’s so huge that its IPO later this year will likely be the largest tech IPO ever in United States history, estimated at a whopping $41 billion. Now bear in mind: LinkedIn is the only major U.S. social media network that’s even allowed to operate in China. So Alibaba on LinkedIn should be a stellar combination. Right? How many people do you think are following Alibaba on LinkedIn? 23,814. That’s correct  — the highest profile tech company in one of the most populous nations in the world has only 23,814 followers on LinkedIn. In fact its number of LinkedIn followers is only slightly higher than its number of employees (20,000). My point is this: if your company doesn’t have as many LinkedIn followers as you would like, don’t panic. Just make sure that when you create new status updates for the company page, you take an extra step to get them in front of your network of personal LinkedIn connections — which may be larger. Here’s how.

How to get a bigger audience for your LinkedIn company page updates by using your personal LinkedIn network.

  1. Go to the top of your LinkedIn homepage & click Interests, then Companies LinkedIn social media tip example
  2. Find the company update you want and click Share
  3. The update has now been shared to your individual LinkedIn connections. You’ll be able to share that update to LinkedIn Groups, too — powerful!

And if you still want to increase the number of people in your company’s LinkedIn network, then don’t be shy! Cross-promote it in your company’s Twitter posts, mention it on Facebook and make sure the company LinkedIn profile is included and easily found on the company website. Finally, if you don’t know what your company should be saying on LinkedIn, check out our “do-it-for-you” social media service.