3 social media tips from the comet-landing robot sensation

You may have heard about the robot that landed on a comet last week. The Rosetta Mission has been quite the social media sensation, with the comet-landing robot Philae Lander earning 380,000 followers on Twitter. Sure, a history-making space mission always has the potential to be a very hot social media topic. But success is never a given, you need flawless execution to make sure an opportunity like this doesn’t go to waste. What, exactly, did the team behind the Rosetta Mission do and what can all marketers do to experience a taste of the same success? Here are 3 Social Media Tips gleaned from the social media team behind the comet-landing robot’s Twitter account.

3 Social Media Tips From The Comet-Landing Robot Sensation

1. Teamwork is everything.

“I do the tweeting itself, but everything is discussed and everyone’s ideas are considered. It’s pure and utter teamwork, just like the mission.” —Karin Ranero Celius (Mashable)

Karin Ranero Celius works as an editor for the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and is the woman who pushes send on @Philae2014’s tweets. Yet as she makes clear, she’s able to rely on close cooperation with an entire team to make @Philae2014 come alive. Having a team to do social media is a great idea as it allows you to leverage multiple points of view to come up with something that really stands out. Wish you could have your own social media team? You can with Emphatic!


2. Personality is everything.

“I consider Philae a male, a fearless lander willing to jump onto a comet, fire harpoons and screw itself onto the comet.” — Karin Ranero Celius

The robot has personality! You’d hardly know he was the product of a large-scale, cross-national bureaucratic project. From an image standpoint he is much closer to an adorable Disney character.

Does your brand have a personality? What is it, and how can you make it evident in your social media posts? What emotions can you inspire in your followers? Doing so is the route to building lasting, profitable relationships.


3. Engagement is everything.

“I think our conversations work because we really get into character and try to engage people.” — Karin Ranero Celius

Social media works best when you make an effort to foster a 2-way conversation with your audience and also with the people you’d like to have become part of your audience. Actions like Twitter mentions, Facebook tagging and also general sharing and commenting on other people’s output will help you build durable relationships with customers, partners and influencers.

Have you been following the comet landing? What has impressed you most about its social media strategy? Please tell us in the comments!